The Chivas Vision - 2017

Event & Activation

We have been hosting Chivas events since 2006 where each year we try to create something different and unique highlighting the brand. These event invitations have become highly sought after.

We ensure that already the invitations give a glimpse of what is to come and the handpicked guests are never disappointed 

Each year we totally transform the whole venue beginning from the time the guests enter the venue until they leave in order to submerge the guests in the full brand experience whilst having a great time. This year we played on  moving visuals on screens all over the venue as well as creating the brand identity through all kinds of Materials, colors and virtual reality. We had a special VR booth made where Chivas 18 was shown and then tasted.

We manage these events from A-Z Production, entertainment, guest list, venue, SM, photography and videography.