CHIVAS Manifesto (11)
CHIVAS Manifesto (12)
CB Stop sexual harrasment 2
Havana club card 2014
Virgin - Ramadan 2014
57357 children cancer hospital card 2014
Alashanek Ya Balady 2014
Dar Al Orman card 2014
CB Ramadan Kareem-2014
CB Recycle Me card (1)-2014
CB Recycle Me card (2)-2014
CB Summer card (1)-2014

Carte Blanche originated in 1998 as the first free postcard media tool in the Middle East. CB postcards is the only advertisement tool that is picked up voluntarily by the target audience and taken home by them. 


Through the many years we have created and distributed a wide variety of fun and funky cards ranging over all industries. We also pride ourselves in raising environmental and social issues as well as producing cards for a variety of charitable organizations.